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The Snugpak Special Force Sleep System is a complete modular sleep system that is designed for use in cold and below freezing temperatures. This system is comprised of 2 sleeping bags that can be used separately or together based on weather conditions. The dimensions of both sleeping bags are 87 inches long by 31 inches wide. The Special Forces1 sleeping bag has a comfort temperature rating of 41 degrees Fahrenheit but can go as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit for experienced campers and outdoors enthusiasts. The Special Forces 2 sleeping bag has a comfort temperature rating of 19 degrees Fahrenheit with a low rating of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine the sleeping bags together for a comfort temperature rating of 5 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The Special Forces sleeping bags are equipped with Softie Premier synthetic insulation, which is washable and provides superior heat retention. The randomized fine filament fibers of Softie Premier insulation trap warm air to retain heat even when thoroughly wet. Softie Premier insulation does not lose thermal characteristics over time, even when stored in the compression stuff sack for long periods of time without use. The sleeping bags are designed so that they can be layered and zipped together with the center zip baffle. The Special Forces sleeping bags also feature Paratex Steelplate lightweight fabric to provide you with a durable, highly breathable, water wicking, water repellent, and windproof sleeping bag. The Special Forces 1 is equipped with a Reflectatherm metalized barrier that provides up to 15% additional warmth and heat reflection to ensure you stay warm all night. This system includes a compression stuff sack for both sleeping bags and packs down into a 12 inch by 11 inch bundle that weighs 7.06 pounds. The Special Forces Complete System provides you with 2 sleeping bags so you can sleep comfortably in a wide range of weather conditions.

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