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The Snugpak Paratex Liner will extend the life of your sleeping bag and keep it clean so it can go longer between washings. The Paratex Liner also adds additional thermal retention properties to your sleeping bag while helping you balance your temperature. The specialized Paratex fabric has a strong wicking action that pulls moisture away from your body to keep you feeling dry, even if you are overheating. The liners dimensions are 87 inches long by 30 inches wide to offer you plenty of room to move while you are sleeping. The Paratex Liner weighs 7 ounces and packs down to a travel-friendly 5 inch by 4 inch bundle. To prevent the liner from twisting within a Snugpak sleeping bag, secure the liner using the Tie In Loops near the feet to attach the two together. This liner is constructed with durable Paratex Light fabric that is very breathable, windproof, and water repellent. The Snugpak Paratex Liner delivers durable heat retention and water wicking properties in a size that is compatible with space restricted travels.

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