PahaQue Universal Hammock Rainfly for Double Hammock


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The PahaQue Hammock Rain Fly is designed to be a universal fit for double hammocks. This rain fly is made with heavy duty polyester and is 100 percent waterproof to keep you dry. Set up the rain fly by attaching the 2 primary anchor points above your hammocks tree straps. The rain fly should be above and parallel to the hammock. Use the adjustable guy lines on the corners of the rain fly to customize your setup and block angled rain or wind; the included ground stakes will keep the guy lines in place while you rest. The waterproof rain fly can also be used to cover your gear, as a camping tarp, or lean-to. The kit includes a hanging system, guy lines, ground stakes, and a convenient carry bag. The PahaQue Hammock Rain Fly will keep you dry and protected from wind, rain, and sun so you can enjoy the great outdoors in any weather.

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