PahaQue Surfline Beach Instant Cabana


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The PahaQue Surfline Cabana is your mobile base of excitement and fun. Set the instant shelter up on the beach or anywhere that you need a break from harmful sun, sand and dirt that gets everywhere, or wind that blows your supplies across the beach. A few seconds is all it takes to pop up the shelter once you take it out of the portable carry bag thanks to the Quick Pitch frame design. Sturdy fiberglass poles keep the shelter upright even on windy days and can handle their fair share of abuse; the included anchors keep the poles locked in place and specialized sand anchors ensure the tent stays put on the beach. Just pop the tent up and then fill the anchors with sand. Theres no need to put sunscreen on for as long as you plan on staying under the cabana; the lightweight material is also SPF 50 rated to keep everybodys skin happy and healthy. The cabana packs down to a super compact size so you can easily take it with you whether your journey ends in the backyard or on a beach hours away. Everything you need is included with the package; a carry bag, ground stakes, and sand anchors all come standard. The PahaQue Surfline Cabana helps you spend less time worrying about trying to get your kids to apply sunscreen, keeping sand out of your sandwiches, or stopping your dog raiding someone elses picnic, and more time enjoying the day outside.

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